Cole Maxwell








Board Stats

154 Custom Cole Maxwell Pro Model: “The Toasted Timber”

All Mountain Freestyle, end to end pop stability, double camber placement under feet, 4 stage magne-traction rail pattern 


When and how did you start riding?

When I was around 5 years old my parents would send me down the Bunny Hill on skis that were basically the same size as my rock hard boots. After trying on a pair of snowboard boots the next season, I realized that it was nice to have ankle-bending capabilities, and I liked standing sideways more. My parents bought me a 92cm K2 snowboard and a season pass to Big Mountain the following year, then I rode with the Rough Riders program until my onesie went out of style.


Biggest Pro Influence and Why?

I’ve looked up to Travis Rice for as long as I can remember, he has inspired me to expand my riding into bigger and better features other than the park. My line choices in the back country became more creative and diverse after I realized that I could jib or send myself off anything that didn’t have a black hole for a landing. He has never failed to throw the most outrageous trick in any movie I’ve seen him in. That guy rips. Period.


Favorite place to ride

Any backcountry terrain turns my crank, but as far as resorts go, Schweitzer Mountain in Northern Idaho 


Events you plan on hitting in 2014

College is currently consuming my life, but I plan on competing in the Annual Nate Chute Boarder Cross this season, along with other local comps when I visit home during the winter holidays 


Favorite website, blog, etc... has tons of videos uploaded daily that I like to entertain myself with; from Louie Vito getting a tattoo, to new snowboard movie teasers, there's a wide variety of nonsense


Favorite trick

Backside Rodeo's. But only if they're thrown with a melon grab 


What makes a good park

Without well-built jumps, snowboard parks are a waste of time. A park that has big, medium, and small lines usually leaves me tickled. The small and medium lines for messin' around, and the big line for throwin' down and scaring yourself



When I'm not riding I'm...

1)Taking my vitamins, eating spinach, and thinking about riding

2)Surfing the streets on my longboard

3)Mountain Biking


5)Rock Climbing


Other sponsors

Mom and Dad, Stumptown Snowboard Shop in Whitefish, MT


Random Fact 

It's possible to lead a cow up a flight of stairs, but not down them