Q. What is your design process for building a board?

A. First, you decide whether you want a custom or one of our designs. The Notice shapes can be tweaked to fit your riding style or you can start from scratch and design a completely custom shape.  Next, you decide on graphics; whether you want to provide your own, choose one of our shop designs, or have one of our designers design custom graphics for you.  Then you'll put a deposit down for your board. We'll get in touch with you and to make sure we have the design all laced out; size, shape, rocker/camber profile, materials, stiffness, etc.  Once we receive payment and art files, we start the build.  


Q. How long does it take for to you make my board?

A. We custom build orders as they come in, so depending on how many orders are in front of yours, the answer to this question varies. We strive to build every board within 4 weeks from the day we receive your final art file. Checking to make sure the art you send is to the right specs speeds things up, so does ordering before the Christmas rush! If you have a date you need the board by that info is always appreciated and we try our hardest to meet those deadlines.


Q. What kind of things can I pick when I design a custom board?

A. Everything! Shape. Size. Rocker-camber profile. Materials. Flex. Art.  You have a say in every aspect of your board.


Q. I want to design my own graphics, what kind of file do you need?

A.  We need an ai or tif file saved at 300dpi or better.  The graphics have to be a little bigger than the board size- usually around 12.5x63.   We need them in a rectangle shape so if you design them in a board shape for placement erase all board lines before you send it to us.  We will be in touch once we download them to our printing software and start printing to let you know if anything needs to be adjusted or tweaked- we want you to be 1000% satisfied with the final product.


Q. Do you offer discounts if I want to buy a bunch of boards for my business?

A. Sure—we love collaborating with companies to build private label boards.  The discounted rate depends on the number of boards you order.  Keep in mind every board is handcrafted, using high quality USA-made materials - even if you order 50 of the same board, so we can’t discount to the rate you can get if the boards are built in a factory overseas.  But, we offer a ton of flexibility for small and medium sized orders and offer a premium product you can’t get anywhere else. 


Q. Do you guys really make every single board that comes out of your shop?

A. Yes! Every board we sell is handmade in our shop in Whitefish, Montana. 


Q. Is there a warranty?

A. Yes. Every board comes with a 3-year manufacturer defects warranty. Email: lauren@noticesnowboards.com if you need to talk about a warranty. Also, keep in mind even if it’s not a warranty issue we can fix just about anything- so give us a shout.


Q. Do you pay for return shipping if I need to send my board back?

A. Nope.


Q. Will my board make me a better snowboarder?

A. While we can't make any guarantees about your shred skills, we can say that we have some very, very happy customers who swear by our boards. 


Q. Do you make kids' boards?

A. We do. We have made some sweet little boards as small as 120cm. Kids boards are the same price as adult boards.


Q. Do you make skis?

A. Ha! 


Q. Do you make splitboards?

A. Yes!  We can split a board you have or we can build you a custom split.  Bindings and kits are available for additional charges from all the sickest brands.