Name: Jack Wiley

Age: Fifteen

Team: Jackson Hole Freeride Program, Park City Snowboard Team

Board Stats: 152 Wildcat

When and how did you start riding: When I was 10 I got bored of skiing because I had no idea someone could have a future in it, so I decided to try snowboarding. I went out to a garage sale, got my first board for 10 bucks, and off I was, no stopping me. 

Biggest Pro Influence and why?: One hundred percent Scotty Lago, he is an all around, well deserved professional that worked his way up from the bottom. He rips it in the park and slope style, absolutely slays it in the half pipe, and not only that, but goes all out and destroys it in the big mountains. He’s creative along with stylish with his tricks, and is an all around people person and hilarious dude. Who wouldn’t love a guy like that? 

Favorite place to ride: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is definitely the top because, oh boy, those face shots are just beloved. Also Summit at Snoqualmie because that’s just where I grew up and as far away as I may travel, my roots always come from one special place called home.

Events you plan on hitting in 2014: Rev tour, USAA , Wednesday Night Lights

Favorite website/blog/etc.…: 

Favorite trick: BACKFLIPS FER DAYS

What makes a good park?: Nice looking jumps, creative AND simple rails and lines. Make it surfy!

When I’m not riding I’m?: Skateboarding, Filming, Photographing, SpongeBob watching, babe finding, friends chilling. 

Other sponsors?: Notice Snowboards, Jackson Treehouse, Smith Optics, Skull Candy #TeamProspect

Random Fact: Chances are I like my dogs a lot more than you.