Kyle Duty    






Notice Snowboards



158 Smashghost, rocker/reverse camber 


When an how did you start riding?

Well I started skiing when I was about 3 years old, and I loved it, but ever since then I hated ski boots! As I got older I started seeing people start to snowboard and was instantly drawn to it. I begged pops for a deck for about 3 seasons until 1994 when he finally gave in and its been on ever since!


Biggest pro influence and why?

Terje was probably the biggest. All you have to do is watch that guy ride a snowboard once and you’ll know what I mean.  I must’ve watched subjekt haakanson a million times throughout high school, and to this day for that matter.


Favorite place to ride?

For me its just about anywhere there’s pow, but The Big at Whitefish is a pretty hard resort to beat, I do love that place. 


2014/15 events

I will be at the Smokin’ Aces tour though Montana this season. The A-Rob Smashlife at Big Sky. The Nate Chute here in Whitefish, and would love to make it out for the Dirksen Derby.


Favorite website

Not facebook.


Favorite trick?

Kind of a tough question because they are all fun, especially when you land on your board. But I would say that a proper method kicked all out sideways is probably my fav.


What makes a good park?

Take offs that actually match up to the landings and a diverse rail line with some creativity!


When I’m not riding I generally am?

I play a lot of golf! Camping, fishing, and just being out in the woods and enjoying the beautiful place I get to live in! And I unfortunately have to work so I spend some time there as well.