Big Sky Outdoors highlights Notice Snowboards, plus opening week at Whitefish Mountain Resort. (Part 1 of 2.)

Big Sky Outdoors highlights Notice Snowboards, plus opening week at Whitefish Mountain Resort. (Part 2 of 2.)


Rider: Notice Team Rider, Kyle Duty

Board: Everyday 158

"This board is sick! Its a twin 158 with double camber, reverse in-between  the bindings and regular underneath your feet, giving it a super rad surfy kinda feeling in the pow with a springy pop for those big ollies. The trees here in whitefish can get a little thick at times and this thing performs great, its super light and its sidecut allows you to turn on a dime, pow or hard-pack, its 4 stage rail design lets you cut into just about anything. The carbon fiber stringers used in the core give the board a very solid feeling under your feet, especially for those big park landings and holding an edge through the flat bottom of the pipe.  The 2x7 insert pattern is super nice for endless stance options as well.  All and all the name of this board is fitting, you can literally have fun on this thing everyday of the season." -Kyle Duty


Rider: Notice Team Rider, Jeff Moran

Moran’s Board reviews:

Favorite Day 4’9”

I was a bit skeptical the first time I saw the Favorite Day.  At first glance it reminded me of the “fat kid dancing” video; it’s short, wide and wild.  But after one early season lap on Snow King Mountain I was sold!  

The Favorite day is nimble and sturdy.  It’s the perfect board for low angle, deep snow especially in the trees.  The massive amount of surface area under the nose allows it to quickly plane out without having to gain a ton of speed.  

The short, tapered tail allows you to wiggle through the tightest field goals and is sturdy enough to lean into for those hero slashes (or to spray the shit out of someone).  

Something I found that makes the Favorite Day so much fun to ride is the powder-wheelie potential.  The minimal length and tapered shape allows you to stomp the tail down and maintain an almost vertical board as you plow through the chowder.  …which is really f-ing fun!

It’s no secret the Favorite day is a quiver board.  If you appreciate having the right tool for the job, vertical powder-wheelies and dancing fat kids, this is the board for you.  


Smash Ghost 158

I feel as though there’s a lot in a name.  When I first heard the name of the Smash Ghost, I was sold before ever strapping in.  Once I actually rode it, I was all the more impressed.

The Smash Ghost rides like its name implies; pure, aggressive energy.  When I want to ride a hard-charging beast that will take everything I can throw at it and then give it back, I choose the Smash Ghost.  It’s the perfect board for halfpipe, banked slalom, going fast as hell and railing turns.

Be forewarned, this is not your lazy day cruiser.  You woke up hung over at 11:30 and just want to grab a few laps after brunch?  The Smash Ghost will kick your blurry-eyed ass.  Feel like racing every person on the mountain, whether they want to or not?  The Smash Ghost is your ghoul of choice.


Everyday 158

Brittan Ellingson’s passion for snowboarding and years of R&D have culminated in what I consider to be one of the best boards I’ve ridden in my 28 years of snowboarding:  the Notice Everyday 158.

The Everyday is truly an all-mountain quiver-killer.  I ride this board 87.34% of the time simply because it can handle everything Jackson Hole has to offer: pow, cliffs, pillows, groomers, Stash parks, terrain parks, natural hits, halfpipe, jibs and butters.    

The profile is mostly flat camber with slight camber humps out towards the tips, which gives the Everyday a lot of pop and it won’t wash out when you’re buttering or really leaning into the tail to power through some crud.  I ride an almost centered stance most days and set it back two to three inches when it snows a bunch.  The board is stable and playful in the park while still allowing the nose to have some natural float on those deeper days.  

The Everyday provides a badass platform to design your own board with Brittan.   Whether you ride the factory design, or customize the Everyday’s measurements and graphics to suit your own needs, this board will make you more stoked than if someone sh*t a million dollars on your pillow.

Rider Name: Notice Team Rider, Jack Wiley

The Everyday:

The Everyday is absolutely one of my favorite boards to ride. No matter the conditions it shreds. Up high it might be nice and powdery, while down low is mush and sticky. No matter what this thing rocks. I can take this thing on every trip to any mountain knowing that it will fulfill my day, any day. 


The Smash Ghost

The smash ghost really lives up to its fantasy, and its name. Its swift, and quiet to make nice runs through pow, and smashes all the chunk on the way back to the chairlift.